Instant-e-Store is an on-line shopping mall which can host one to hundreds of stores. The store owners, or the on-line merchants, can create and manage their stores by themselves by using just the web browsers. The Instant-e-Store owner can also manage the stores by using the web browsers.

The features of each individual store are:

The features of the Shopping Mall are:

Getting Started:

1. Download and Installation

After you have downloaded the MSI file: eBizTSIES.msi, please double-click on it to run the setup program. It will ask you the directory to setup this software, then copy the files to the targeted directory. Once copied, it will setup 3 virtual direcotries under your IIS server.They are:

Please be sure your are running on Windows NT/2000/2003 Server with IIS 4.x or above installed and started. Please also be sure that the SMTP service is up and running such that the Merchant Greeting messages, the order confirmation messages, and the shipment confirmation messages will be sent

2. Merchants Setup (assume your site is

Once the installation is complete, you can setup the very first eStore by going to: and follow the instructions. If your are runing a One-Store-Mall, this is all you need to do. It is not necessary to proceed to 3 to know the Mall Owner's functions.

3. Mall Owner Management Functions

If you have more than one stores to manage, you will be able to activate/deactivate them, promote/demote them, contact them, and read the sales statistics of them by going to the Mall Owner's URL:


(Assuming your web site is called:

1. For Mall Owner

Mall Owner Login URL:

Mall Owner Default Login: eBizTS

Mall Owner Default Password: 1234

To manage each store and.or view store statistics, click List and Manage All Stores.

Under this function, you will be able to Activate/Deactivate each individual store by checking/unchecking the Active CheckBox. You will also be able to Promote/Demote each individual store by checking/unchecking the Promote Checkbox. A Promoted Store will have its Logo and Name listed on the cover page: http://www.MyWebSite/Instant.

To modify the Mall Profile, click Edit Mall Profile. You will be able to change the Login User Name, Password, Admin e-mail, First Name, Last Name, Mall URL, and if this site is secure here. Please note:


2. For Merchants (Assuming the eStore name is: Allo)

Merchant Front Door for customers:

Merchant Entrance: Or, go to, then click on Merhant Entrance.

3. For New Merchants

To setup an account:  Or, go to, then click on Register.

4. For Everybody

Instant-e-Store Mall entrance: